DAD-BUNKER DOB 7/27/2012 Reg# 1A7E07

My beautiful Yellow boy with black points is always happy go lucky and wanting to play with adults and children! Bunker is well tempered and never has health issues, he is built with a nice blocky head and a very fit athletic body is approximately 90lbs! He is a mated pair to Beauty.


Long Island Labradors
DAD-MIDNIGHT  DOB 3/19/2012 Reg# 1A61FD

My favorite boy has the most amazing personality, never needy but always wanting love! He is  the most patient and gentle of all my children. Weighing in at roughly 85lbs and always in   great health! He is a mated pair to Happy.
MOM-BEAUTY DOB 6/27/2013 Reg # 1A7E16

This gorgeous chocolate female is an amazing Mommy. She always keeps her babies clean and safe. She is very happy and fun loving, especially when she goes to the beach to sun bathe! Beauty has a big heart in a small 65lb frame. She is a mated pair to Bunker.
MOM-SHADOW DOB 12/27/2014 REG#1AAFE5-08

My beautiful black girl is daughter to Midnight and has very similar personality and temperament. Her mom Sunshine was my all time favorite. Sunshine was retired from breeding at 4 years old and is now living with a wonderful family in CT. Shadow is shorter than her parents with a thick body. Her look is referred to as a show/bench look. She is very submissive and excellent with children. I'm very please to have her bloodline. She is a mated pair to Ben and they adore each other.

This handsome boy is the youngest of my Dads. His points are diluted which gives him a very striking look. His eyes are green and nose liver. Hes is shorter to the ground with a lean athletic build. He has a lot of energy and loves to run. He is a mated pair to Shadow.
MOM-HAPPY DOB 6-21-2015 REG#1ACC27-08

My youngest Mom of all my Lab children. Happy is daughter to Bunker and Beauty. Shes so pretty with her diluted features of green eyes and liver nose. Shes an excellent new mate for my favorite boy Shadow. She has a similar temperament and personality as her Dad Bunker. Her build is lean and fit like Bunker just not as tall. She plays gentle knowing to submit to discipline immediately when told. Shes in excellent health and of course very HAPPY!